100% Real Wrestling between Gay Asian Men Muscular/Weak/Feminine/Shemale

Fast paced & competitive action (not staged). Lots of Humiliating & Dominating face-Sitting pins.

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GV-7 Real Gay Wrestling Video 

GV-7 Real Gay Wrestling Video

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Totally Real Amateur Wrestling Action between good looking & sexy muscular Asian guys. Watch these guys out wrestle each other and then dominate each other with sexy face sitting pins, balls on face with humiliating ball rubbing & grinding, lots of sit on face suffocation, cocks get hard (super stiff) and start leaking through their underwear and then rubbed on the losers face. There are scenes of cock rubbing on face, cock sucking and face fucking.

Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling

1st match – In this 1st match we see a good looking, feminine guy. He has very long hair and a sexy feminine body to match it. His opponent is a lot more muscular and dominates him very quickly by sitting on his face and smothering him with his balls. The more feminine guy does a lot of struggling to try and escape but eventually gets tired and loses his strength. The muscular guy actually wears him down by smothering him with his balls and grinding his dick on his face. You can see the bulge in the brief of the muscular guy.

Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling

2nd match – Hard fought competitive action until eventually one guy gets a good tight face sitting hold on his opponent. The guy on the bottom struggles a lot but is eventually overpowered. The guy on top goes to work with balls to face smothering and it doesn’t take long until his big mushroom head starts to pop out of the top of his bikini brief. Then the guy starts to get horny and torments the guy on the bottom by rubbing the head of his cock all over the weaker guys face. The weaker guy eventually gets aroused and starts to lick the mushroom head. This obviously drives the guy on the top wild and he then loses control and starts to face fuck the guy on the bottom. The guy on the bottom seems only to eager to start sucking his cock. The sweat on the bodies of these guys shows some nice bodies with a good set of abs, especially on the muscular guy in the top position.

Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling

If you like to watch muscular Asian males competing against each other in amateur wrestling matches and fighting hard to win using their sweaty tanned athletic bodies. Then this video is a must for you. It is packed with lots of Domination & humiliation and absolutely real, not staged, rehearsed or fake)

This video features 2 fights and each fight has 3 rounds (total of 6 rounds in this one video. It runs for approximately 55 minutes.

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Oskar - 08/20/2014

This was so good! I was so horny and I really want to come to you and be exposed to this

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