100% Real Wrestling between Gay Asian Men Muscular/Weak/Feminine/Shemale

Fast paced & competitive action (not staged). Lots of Humiliating & Dominating face-Sitting pins.

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GV-2 Real Gay Wrestling Video 

GV-2 Real Gay Wrestling Video

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This is a very hot and erotic video featuring 2 young, fit, athletic, and toned Asian men battling for dominance and control over their weaker opponent. This clip has some quick reverse facesitting, aggressive pins and restraint maneuvers, intense grappling, and eventually features some face sitting where our victim gets a face full of unwanted cock from his stronger and more dominant opponent. Great camera angles and taut physiques with small tight tiny bikini briefs make this a very sexy clip.

Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling

Our dominant Asian young man spends most of this entire clip with his cock pulled out of his tiny thong as he pins his victim to the mat and rests his nice cock on his face despite his victim resisting and struggling to get free. Dominant, aggressive, and controlling and humiliating. He also reaches back to pull on his opponent's thong to expose his dick as well. Our aggressive, athletic dominant male grabs his victim by the head and traps it between his thighs right face to face with his cock. He pulls his neck around so he can't escape and he pulls his hair and forces his face deep into his crotch. He pins him there for a long time and then eventually sits atop of his victim and force facesits him with his naked penis again all over his face. Young and tight Asian males in sexy unscripted aggressive action.

Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling

Rio is 21 years old and fit and lean and strong and experienced. Ronald is only 18 and must learn to mind his elders. Rio controls Ronald and forces him to spend most of the time in this first clip dealing with a big fat Asian cock on his face. Rio pins Ronald's hands and wrists to the mat so he can't escape the humiliation. Rio enjoys rubbing and grinding his bare cock into Ronald's helpless and unprotected face. Rio gets very excited at one point and his nude erect cock looks very erotic perched on and over Ronald's face. So sexy with both men in tiny thongs with their tight Asian butts on full display. This is a must have clip for all fans of Male/male wrestling and male domination.

Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling

The GV series videos are the best of the best of our gay wrestling productions. You will not find 100% authentic wrestling content anywhere else. We guarantee the action in this video to be completely real from start to finish.

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Great showcase of wrestling

Jean - 12/08/2014

I totally agree Viktor, Rio takes pleasure and he shares with us. Great and hot moves during the match. A really great video.


xavier ankeny - 08/22/2014

do that to me my address is 580 s 3rd st appartment #4 in Harrisburg Oregon or email me at xankeny@gmail.com

He knows what to do

Viktor R - 02/27/2014

I can tell Rio knows exactly what he wants to do during this match and thats why I love it. He pulls his panty down to shove his penis on opponents face rather than keep it inside. Oh so nice.

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